Lá no blog do CBR, Brian Cronin esmiuça o status do Copyright do Super-Homem depois da decisão da justiça americana que os herdeiros de Jerry Siegel têm o copyright de Action Comics #1. Abaixo, algumas das perguntas mais importantes:

So, who owns the copyright of Superman?
As of this moment, as per the ruling by Judge Stephen Larson on March 26, 2008, Superman’s copyright is owned in two equal parts by DC Comics/Time Warner and the heirs of Superman co-creator, Jerry Siegel.

So what do the Siegels own, exactly?
The Siegels own half of the copyright to everything introduced in the first issue of Action Comics #1, which, really, is the vast majority of everything folks associate with Superman. The name Superman, the secret identity of Clark Kent, the fact that he is an alien who came to Earth from Krypton as a baby, his super strength, invulnerability and ability to leap over tall buildings in a single bound, the red, yellow and blue costume with a red “S” on his chest and a red cape on his back, and his fellow reporter, Lois Lane. The Siegels co-own all of that, which is basically everything.

Fãs de quadrinhos (e interessados por leis de direitos autorais), leiam tudo.

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